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Quality training regimes don't have to be expensive.

HimaTRAINING is developed by strength coaches and physiotherapists. The goal of our service is to provide a low-threshold way for people to take care of their body by exercising regularly.

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Is it hard to stick to a training plan?

HimaTRAINING helps you work out regularly by personalizing your training plan based on your fitness level and goals.

Customized for you

HimaTRAINING always starts with a starter questionnaire. Your answers allow us to chart your fitness level and goals and generate a personalized workout plan for you.


We tell you which movements to perform, and for how many repetitions – all the way from warmup to finishing core exercises and mobility movements. All exercises come with an instructional video and written instructions.


All HimaTRAINING training plans are progressive, which means that each week the difficulty level rises slightly based on your fitness level. The progressive training regime allows you to get the optimal results out of your workouts.

Challenge yourself

Try out the program for 7 days. If you're not satisfied, just cancel.

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Developed by strength coaches and physiotherapists

Research-based training plans maximize your results

In strength and cardiovascular training, the most important thing is to raise the bar in a systematic and steady fashion. In addition to progressive training plans, it is necessary to schedule in lighter periods to allow the body to recover and rebuild itself to adapt to the stimulus. This phenomenon is called supercompensation.

Systematic progression
towards your goals
Calculated and programmed
lighter weeks
The end result is a
continuous cycle of improvement

Exercise anywhere

Keep HimaTRAINING, wherever you go

HimaTRAINING makes it easy to stick to a training plan, no matter your physical location. Just open your browser and start a practice.

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