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Terms of service

Created 31th May, 2020. Updated 31th May, 2020.

1. Terms of use

By accessing our Website and/or using our products or services in any way, you are agreeing to comply with and be bound by these Terms. These terms are applied to use web services of Loadmanager Oy. Terms are applied to both registered and unregistered user’s transactions in service. These Terms remain in force and effect if you are a user of the Website and/or a registered user. Any use of the Website and/or our products or services by you shall constitute your acceptance of these Terms and may be modified between sides until the end of the coaching period.

2. Contents of the service

The services are provided by Loadmanager Oy and other possible service providers in collaboration. Loadmanager Oy and other service providers. The Company reserves the right to change or modify the terms and conditions applicable to the use of this Site at any time. Loadmanager Oy can offer free and chargeable services of other service providers which are distributed and marketed as such without obligation. The Company does not responsible of damage/harm done by other service providers (such as delayed service, false information etc.). By these terms user is also pledge to obey other service providers possible dividual terms of use and instructions.

3. Restrictions of Use

User binds to use the service for personal- and non-marketing purposes only.

3.1 Registration

The agreement may be reached via himatraining.fi site, where you can choose wanted service and the paying method. The payment method options are followed by registration process. For registration you must fill your name, e-mail, phone number, address and password. After registration information you will confirm your order and receive username and password to your e-mail.

Your username and password are personals and meant for personal use only. You are not allowed to hand over your username and/or password to any company or third party. Loadmanager Oy does not respond the unauthorised use of one’s username and/or password. All actions done with your account will be considered as your actions. If the security of your account becomes endangered, you must report it immediately to Loadmanager Oy. After reporting Loadmanager Oy will shut your account down to prevent any misuse of it.

To use the service, you must be 18 years old or older. All underaged- and/or incompetent person must go through the terms of use with their guardian before use.

3.2 Deleting your account

Registered member has the right to delete the account. Account will be deleted via e-mail announcement to: info@loadmanager.fi. Within 48-hours of announcement the account will be deleted from the database.

3.3 Content saved by user

By producing any content (such as text, pictures, videos, etc.) user binds to give Loadmanager Oy full, free and unrestricted right to use this content to any purpose in any way. User also confirms that all produced content is original and does not offend any existing law/copyright. By sharing any content in service user binds to response with own expense on behalf of Loadmanager Oy against any third-party damage, loss, verdict, demand or claim done by the content.

3.4 Behaviour and restraint from the service

User is responsible of using and operating the service. User is bound to use the service by terms and according decorum. For example followed actions are not allowed by terms:

Broadcast of any illegal or detrimental content Hacking or broadcasting any harmful software Breaking Loadmanager Oy or any third-party copyright in any way Exploitation of service which breaks terms of use or any existing law Harassment, bullying and/or disturbing of other users Pose as other Using others username/password Sending files which includes harmful software Any act, which object- or binary code is translated to source code and; Any program/software download from the service (except the situation where Loadmanager Oy or third party specifically allows it). If Loadmanager Oy considers any of these terms offended by user, it can restraint/delete user from the service to unlimited period of time without any consequence.

4. Immaterial Rights

All content-, property-, copy-, trademark- and all other immaterial rights belong to Loadmanager Oy unless mentioned otherwise. Loaning-, copying, saving, modifying or distribution of any content is forbidden without written permission given by Loadmanager Oy. Any given advice, information and/or instructions given in online-programs are confidential and property of Loadmanager Oy. Aforesaid instructions and other content is given to user for personal (non-marketing) use only. Sharing/publishing of instructions or other content in other media or to others is absolutely forbidden. Breaker of this term is fully responsible for copyright breach against Loadmanager Oy and the damage caused by it.

5. Availability of the service

Loadmanager Oy neither guarantees the connection to function the expected way nor that the service would always be available. User is responsible to possess needed hardware such as computer, browser and proper connection to internet. Loadmanager Oy does not guarantee that the service is provided to the hardware and/or browser user possesses.

6. Information

Loadmanager Oy does it’s best to keep the information as updated as possible but it does not guarantee all the information to be errorless or perfectly accurate. Service does not ensure product information to be perfectly accurate concerning price- or availability issues. Loadmanager Oy is not bound to give refund if the product is sold out or it has incorrect price. Loadmanager Oy has right to change/correct noticed errors at any time. User must always assess the suitability concerning food and diet information given in the service. One must always consider health condition, physical capability and other personal circumstances.

7. Limit of liability

All actions done in the service are on user's responsibility. All rights are reserved by Loadmanager Oy to change or modify the service. Loadmanager Oy is not responsible of any material provided by the service, suitability for user, errors or delays that may occur in the service. Loadmanager Oy is not responsible for content provided by other websites accessed by the service. Loadmanager Oy is not responsible for immediate or indirect damage done by the service (including loss of income, interruption of business or loss of data which are originated from inhibition of the service).

8. Changing conditions of the contract

Loadmanager Oy reserves all rights to change the conditions of the contract at any time. Existing terms are announced in the contract. by continuing the use of service, user accepts the existing terms as they are.

9. Transfer of the service

User does not have the right to transfer the information given by the service to third party member. Loadmanager Oy has right to remove all the content and rights to a third party member for a justifiable reason (such as business transaction or organizing of the company). Despite the individualization in workout programming, there are always certain risks when exercising. By accepting these terms, user assures the awareness of these risks and assures that the training is done by one’s own risk. User accepts that Loadmanager Oy is not responsible for any damage or injury occurred during training. To acquire proper insurance for training is in customer's responsibility. User also binds to inform the trainer of any changes state of one’s health (such as pregnancy, injury or medical treatment).

10. Terms of delivery

The order is binding when customer has sent order and it is confirmed by Loadmanager Oy. The price of services and products are determined by the valid price at each time. All prices include value added tax. Loadmanager Oy reserves all rights to modification of the price. All property rights stay at Loadmanager Oy until the product is fully paid. Only available payment methods are the ones approved by Loadmanager Oy at each time. The responsibility of damaging or losing the product transfers to user when the product is given. Responsibility in transport proceeds to user when the product is given to one’s possession, the transaction is complete whether the user is present or not during the time of delivery. Loadmanager Oy is responsible for the accuracy and the condition of the product. By the preference of the user the product can be replaced or fixed. Loadmanager Oy reserves all rights to fix the product if it causes immoderate effort compared to other repayment options. If the error/problem is unrepairable or it’s not preferred to be fixed, the user has the right to claim refund or rebate. Loadmanager Oy is not responsible for direct, indirect or implied damage of the product unless overriding reason.

11. Payment methods

Unless informed otherwise, payment methods approved by the service, are the common and preferred payment methods. Payment methods are provided by Stripe.com in association with credit institutions.

12. Cancellation and refund Policy

12.1 Digital services

There is a 14-day term of notice after confirmation when cancelling digital services (online-programs etc.). All refunds will be calculated according to the actual purchase price paid at the time of purchase. When chosen an open-ended service you agree to periodic withdrawals from your account until further notice.

12.2 Money back guarantee

This option requires total following of the instructions given in online-programs and -coaching. You must be able to prove that you have followed the instructions the whole period and have documents/measurements that have been done daily (such as inbody, training weight progressions, circumferences etc.). The money back guarantee only stands for basic healthy clients with no mental or physical illnesses (for example eating disorders, damaged metabolia etc.) To request a refund or exchange, contact Customer Service at info@loadmanager.fi

12.3 To annul an agreement

Annulling the agreement (considering personal- or group training) must be done by written to address info@loadmanager.fi. In this case the paid share of the fee will not be returned. The payment for annulling the agreement is 50% of the total value of the remaining contract. If the fulfilment of these responsibilities mentioned in these terms and conditions due force majeure (such as catastrophe, natural phenomenon or law), Loadmanager Oy is liberated from its duties for the time of force majeure. In this situation user does not have the right to claim refund from Loadmanager Oy for breach of contract.

14. Governing law in the case of argument

Arguments concerning consumables will be dealt in Helsinki’s district court. Consumer protection law guarantees the right for user to file a legal action in own districts court if user is a resident of Finland. If the user does not live in Finland, the actions will be dealt in district court of Helsinki.

15. Processing and handling personal information

Loadmanager Oy shall, at all times, treat the User's personal data in accordance with our privacy policy and applicable law.